Ohio Catfish Fishing

In District Five, search for good Ohio catfish fishing on the Great Miami River, which is a tributary of the Ohio River and flows from Dayton through Cincinnati. The average channel cat here is between 18 and 24 inches long, with several catches measuring up to 32 inches. You can also find flatheads that are typically around 24 inches but may be up to 36 inches in many cases. Try fishing deep holes and washouts in the area.

Of all places to consider for excellent Ohio catfish fishing, it is important to include the Ohio River, a defining area for fishing of all kinds within the state. Check out the Pike Island Pool which runs for 30 miles bordering Jefferson County and is a hot spot for channel cats ranging up to 25 inches in length. Of course, in late June, you’ll want to find moving water, where catfish congregate away from the hot, dry weather.

With so many locations to choose from in Ohio, catfish fishing is obviously quite popular for a reason. Visit any one of these rivers and several others for a great summer excursion and a beautiful catch.

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