Patience Is A Virtue…..

I’m 11 and me and my dad always try to catch flathead catfish we live in ohio newark ohio.we usally gonto the muskingum river we try to cacth them but we never even get a bite. we use for flatheads is chubs or bluegill live or dead. we always cacth channles there but never flatheads we know there in that river. so can you plaease give us some tips about catching flatheads.

Fishing for flathead catfish is more like hunting, or trapping, than fishing. It is a game of strategy and nerves, where patience and stoicism are absolute necessities. If you have problems with waiting hours for a couple of bites or sitting around a fire, shooting the breeze, and waiting to check set lines, then flathead fishing is definitely not for you. Flatheads are mostly big-water fish. You will seldom see one in a small stream, unless it got there by accident. You need big rivers with good current. Flatheads use both swift, and calm water, but they will usually be near some kind of structure. Large brush piles, log jams, single trees and large rocks provide good feeding and resting locations for flatheads. A good place to try on the Muskingum is right above the Y-bridge dam, especially at night. For some reason, Flathead cats have slowed down their activities in the past 3-4 months. No one knows why, yet. But the Y-bridge dam is still your best bet. Use live shad or bluegills. When fishing from shore, limblines and setlines are the way to go. Put out a few rods and let them set in rod holders. Make sure to tie your rods down so you won’t lose them if a cat makes a powerful initial run, as they sometimes do. Don’t bother with stink baits. Flatheads are exclusivly fish-eaters. A live bluegill, or large shad is the best bait there is for prowling Yellow Cats. You can cook, drink coffee and swap stories until Mr. Flathead makes an appearance. Just bear in mind that Flatheads are moody, and incredibly uncoopertive at times, just like Muskys. Happy Fishing

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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