Pennsylvania Catfish Fishing

The Monongahela River is a good place for great Pennsylvania catfish fishing, with two of the largest five flathead catfish caught and registered in 2004 coming from this body of water (one being 25 pounds and 41 inches long). The 90-mile river is navigable and has six locks and dams between Pittsburgh and West Virginia’s state line. Fish the shore from Grays Landing, Charleroi, Braddock, Point Marion, and several other locations. Find feeder creeks that merge into the Monongahela for an excellent opportunity.

The Ohio River is also well-known for terrific Pennsylvania catfish fishing opportunities, with two more of the top five flatheads registered in 2004 being produced in these waters. The river is impounded and provides more than 30 miles of from its formation in Pittsburgh to the Montgomery Dam, which marks the end of the river within the state. Check out the community park near Rochester where the Beaver River feeds into the Ohio, forming a mouth that is a great gathering point for cats.

The Clarion River shouldn’t be ignored in a discussion of the best locations for Pennsylvania catfish fishing either. You’ll find a plethora of channel cats and blueheads here in the free flowing section below Cooksburg that extends for about eight miles, as well as in the slack-water pool that is about ten miles long.

If you prefer lake fishing, Pennsylvania catfish fishing can also be successful at Lake Arthur, a 3,200-acre impoundment full of bays and coves, and at Yellow Creek Lake, a 700-acre body of water full of bullhead cats that is very under fished.

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