Please help with the name of the different species of catfish fishes.

pls, help with the names of different species of channel fishes

The channel catfish, blue catfish and flathead catfish are familiar species. These are the species that anglers go after more often than the other species. The white catfish and bullhead catfish are least commonly sought by anglers. The bullhead catfish has two different species. There is the black bullhead and the yellow bullhead catfish. Both of the bullheads only get about six pounds, but the average is two pounds. The thing that you should know about the bullhead catfish is that if caught, they should be held in clean water holding tank to clean out the systems of the fish since they are usually in dirty murky waters. This helps the meat taste better. Sometimes these cats are called mud cats because of the conditions they can survive in. The white catfish is often called the fork tail catfish because of its tail looking like a fork. They usually average about three pounds and eighteen inches long. Bigger ones have been caught in the Florida, Withlacoochee River. These are the species of catfish you would find in the United States. The overall population of catfish exists outside of the states with other species that are not well known or publicized a great deal. If you are looking for more information about these catfish, you can look for each specie individually. Besides being a tasty fish, they range in different sizes. However, one thing is the same for all catfish. They all put up a good fight when hooked on the line.

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