Pond Catfish Fishing

Patience and persistence is required with pond catfish fishing, because it is not the fast-paced sport that you’ll find fishing on a lake or in a river. Bites will be fewer and further between. However, most people interested in pond catfish fishing are more likely to want that relaxing, quiet experience on the lake and won’t be as concerned with catching a large quantity of fish or a giant, trophy-sized cat. However, if you do want a little more action, make your pond catfish fishing excursion a nighttime trip. It can be lots of fun to use a lantern or firelight to fish by late into the night, and often, that midnight catch will be even more satisfying than the standard daytime catch.

Another exciting way to partake of pond catfish fishing is to fish in the dead of winter. Often referred to as “Popsicle catfish”, the lethargic specimens that you find in the icy waters will be larger because they will be the adult fish, waiting around to spawn in the spring. Grab your rod and reel, as well as some chicken livers that you can cut up, and aim for the deep holes, where these lazy fish are simply waiting for a good, large meal to come their way. Especially if there is a dam at any given location within the pond, you should target catfish in the winter, as they’ll gather in this area of warmer, deeper, and stiller water.

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