Rod Holder Recommendations

I’m a beginner and am looking into some good rod holders for catfish fishing. Any recommendations on brands/models and how to use them?

One of the most popular brands of rod holders is the Bee Ready Fishing Rod Holders. These rod holders come with a mount that you install on the edge of the boat. Then, you can adjust the actual holders. These are great because they are easy to use, requiring one easy installation, and they are flexible. You can put your rods at different angles without having to make a lot of adjustments. The bases are sturdy, and you can get mounts with any number of rod holders on them for multiple rods. There are several other highly recommended brands that use this mount system, like Bert’s and Ganders. Ganders’ products are cheaper, but Bert’s are a little sturdier. They are all quite good, though, and well worth the price. Again, the big advantage is the flexibility. You can easily remove rod holders or change the positions. They should also be tough. If you buy good rod holders the first time, you’ll never need to buy them again. Of course, the cheapest rod holder of all is the forked stick. Basically, anything forked that will hold your rod in place will work. The main thing to think about is durability. The whole point of a rod holder is to keep your rod from being swiped by an angry blue, so make sure that whatever you put there is sturdy. Some anglers make their own rod holders form PVC piping, and install them on the edge of the boat by drilling them on.

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  1. Tommy Pratt says:

    I live in west tenn. just north of memphis. during warm weather I spend several nights either on the bank of the mississippi, or the Hatchie river, and sometimes when I can I go to the Tenn. river.I have found 1 and 1/2 or 2 inch schedule 40 p.v.c. pipe,(depending on your rod size) cut in 2 foot lengths to be wonderful rod holders on dirt banks. I will cut aprox. a 45 degree angle on one end of the pipe to ease in driving it into the ground. small jingle bells from the craft dept. at your local wal-mart tied to the end of your rod with bread sack ties also aid in detecting a “hit” on your line. I dont have as good vision as I used to so the ringing of the bells really help me a lot…..

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