Saltwater Catfish Fishing

The two major species you’ll look for when saltwater catfish fishing are the sea catfish (Ariidae scientifically) and the eel catfish (Plotosidae). However, the Bagridae, Ictaluridae, Clariidae, Loricariidae, Siluridae, and Aspredinidae are also known to tolerate brackish waters.

In fact, some varieties of loricariid catfish are adapted to what would be refered to as “slightly” brackish waters, meaning that, while not generally preferring the extremely salty environments found at sea, these fish might be found in great quantities where river tributaries empty into sea areas, mixing freshwater and saltwater for a slightly salty area. This may be part of the reason that saltwater catfish fishing in the Gulf of Mexico along the coastlines is so fruitful.

Other areas where freshwater catfish may be found in saltwater include the Baltic and Caspian Seas, which are inhabited by the freshwater clariid and ictalurid species of catfish. Some of these include the Siluridae, which is typically a river catfish but finds a tolerable environment in these seas. While they are not specifically adapted to salty waters, they can still thrive in the low levels of salt found in these locations. Catfish are survivors and can adapt well to environments of all kinds. For those who get bored sitting on a lake, saltwater catfish fishing can certainly be exciting and give a boost to fishing excursions.

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