3 Secrets – Catfish Pond

The only equipment that is needed is a rod with line that is long enough to reach the bottom of the area you are fishing.  Since the catfish are found in shallow water, this does not even have to be that long.  The length of the line is going to be determined by how you are fishing.  If you are on a boat, then the line is going to need to be longer.  Those who are fishing from shore can use a simple cane pole.  Even when fishing from a boat, the rod and reel or pole does not have to be very strong.  Salt water catfish do not get to be very big so they are not going to break even the smallest kit that is designed for a child to use.  One important piece of equipment is going to be sinkers.

If the bait can not reach the bottom of the water then there is not going to much chance of catching any catfish.  The sinkers can help get the bait to the bottom of the water quite effectively.

Bring some tough leather gloves with you for removing the catfish from the hooks.  The barbs and whiskers on the salt water catfish can be just as dangerous as those of their freshwater cousins.  The leather gloves are going to protect your hands when removing the catfish from the hooks.  Do not let the children get too close to the catfish when you are removing them from the hook as the catfish can be toxic and can make them sick if they get pierced.

Let them take a good look when you have already taken the fish off the hook.  All it takes is one accident to turn the kids off of fishing for good or for making the child very sick.

Stick to times of low tides if you really want to catch a large amount of catfish.  This is their typical feeding time as there is more food for them to forage for.  Low tides are also going to offer larger schools of the cats in one localized area.  You are probably going to want to wear footgear that can protect your feet if you are planning on going into the shallow water to catch the salt water catfish as well.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

One Response to “3 Secrets – Catfish Pond”

  1. Connie Lehman says:

    We have inherited 12 acres of land in Southern NC and want to talk to someone about digging a catfish pond. No help from the anyone here. Any where we can get the info as to the size and depth needed and if permits are needed. We want it for ourselves, not interested in pay lake plans. thanks, Connie

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