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Catfish fishing is fun, entertaining and it’s something that anyone can do. However, it’s important to know that some catfish can grow very large so, you’ll need to have gear strong enough to handle them if you happen to hook one of these. Other than that, you can fish for this species with standard equipment so there is no need to go shopping for special gear.
The catfish is one of the oldest game fish still being fished today and you can catch them in both freshwater and saltwater. One of the things that make fishing for them so much fun is the way they fight when you get one hooked. They don’t give up easy. Another reason they’re so popular is the fact that they make one tasty meal.
Learning all you can about catfish will help to make your fishing trips more productive. For example, there are different types of catfish with the most popular ones being the blue, flathead and channel catfish. The blue cat is the largest followed by the flathead. Most catfish are bottom feeders or scavengers and they will usually eat most anything that comes their way dead or alive with the exception of the flathead. They often prefer live bait although certain times of the year they will eat anything.
Catfish have a strong sense of smell, which they use to seek out food. For this reason, they are highly attracted to bait that has a strong odor. There are many different types of bait that can be used to catch catfish such as dough balls and cut bait. However, one of the most popular baits used today is Sonny’s Catfish bait. Many serious catfish anglers don’t want to use anything else and it’s used in many tournaments as well.
What Makes Sonny’s Catfish Bait So Popular
If you’ve never used Sonny’s catfish bait you may not know why it’s so special. Well, it has to be the special blend of ingredients used to create this particular bait. The catfish just can’t resist it. This bait is referred to as a “true dip” because it’s not “sponge bait” like some of the others that you’ll find on the market today. It’s super sticky so it stays on the hook when casting making it easier for you to get it into the strike zone.
It’s made from rotten cheese and a few other secret ingredients that the catfish can’t resist. It’s made by a man named Sonny Hootman, who created the blend because he enjoyed fishing for catfish so much. He tired different types of things until he come up with this particular blend and it wasn’t long before he was reeling in the fish.
He shared his new bait with a few friends and before long, word spread that this was some of the best catfish bait you could find. Everyone that tired it wanted more and that’s how one man’s desire to catch more catfish became a business.
The most important thing that you need to know about Sonny’s catfish bait is that it really works. It doesn’t matter which type of catfish you’re trying to catch, they will be attracted to this bait. It comes in two different types of formulas, which are the original and there’s a blooded formula that has even more smell to it. They both work great but one will work better in some situations than others so it’s good to have both on hand when you go fishing. This way, you can switch around.
It’s available in a 15-ounce jar if you want to try it out before purchasing a larger jar but more than likely, you’ll be back for more after seeing results. You can even use this bait with plastic worms for some amazing results. If you can’t find this bait locally, you can order it online.
A Few Catfishing Tips
When using Sonny’s Catfish bait you can use these tips to help make your fishing trip even more productive. First of all, go fishing when the catfish are the most active. This is usually early morning or late evening. However, when you’re seeking out the trophy cat it’s best to go fishing from dusk until about midnight. This is when they’ll be the most active.
You can buy special lures designed to be used with dip bait. It would be to your advantage to purchase these because they do help to keep the bait on the hook longer, resulting in more bites. Place the specialty lure on the hook and dip it into the bait. Use a “stick” that comes with the bait to push it into the lure. For the best results, use dry lures when baiting the hook.
When fishing for catfish you need to have lots of patience and be alert. You may have to wait for a bite depending on where and when you fish but when you get one, you need to be paying attention. If a large catfish grabs your bait and you’re not holding onto your rod, you just might lose it as he takes off swimming with the bait.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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