South Carolina Catfish Fishing

Lake Murray also provides some excellent South Carolina catfish fishing throughout most of the year, with the exception of winter. Check out tributaries to the lake in spring and early summer, where the catfish tend to make their homes during the spawning season. Later in the summer and into the fall, however, you should expect to find a greater crop in the mainstream area of the lake. For best results, try fishing along the breaklines at the edges rather than at specific depths, as the depths vary greatly within the lake and cats tend to gather at the breaklines.

For river South Caroline catfish fishing, make your way over to Great Pee Dee River, where you’ll find a great mix of catfish species and a less commercialized and widely know environment than you would at Santee or Congaree Rivers. Try the eddy areas where the creeks enter the river, or where there are deep holes, points of islands, sandbars, downstream areas of fallen trees, and other areas of cover.

South Carolina catfish fishing can be fruitful and satisfying throughout the year, regardless of which type of catfish you prefer to target, what lake or river you visit, or how hot or cold it may be. However, if you start with these areas, you are sure to take home a fine catch any day of the year!

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