Spawning Catfish

Do all species of Catfish spawn at the same time?

Do All species of Catfish spawn at the same time? Now this is a question that perplexes many fishermen as it may seem that the Catfish are all getting frisky and trying to spawn at the same time, when its not quite true.

Overall every species of Catfish spawn around the same time of year between the months of May and June in the United States of America, but it takes more than the Catfish knowing the date for them to decide when is the right time to spawn for them.

The Channel Catfish

The Channel Catfish spawn when the water temperature reaches anywhere between seventy five and eight five degrees farenheit (twenty three to thirty degrees celsius).

The Flathead Catfish

The Flathead Catfish spawn when the water temperature reaches anywhere from seventy five to eight degrees farenheit (twenty three to twenty seven degrees celsius).

The Blue Catfish

The biggest of all the catfish, the Blue Catfish will spawn when the water temperatures reach anywhere from seventy seven to eighty two degrees farenheit (twenty five to twenty eight degrees celsius).

The White Catfish

The White Catfish spawns slightly earlier than other catfish as it spawns when the water temperature reach seventy degrees farenheit (twenty one degrees celsius).


As you can see just by reading about the few varieties of Catfish above they do spawn around the same time, but all prefer different water temperatures. This means that they are spawning days or weeks apart when the water temperature is right so to the untrained eye many people think they are actually all spawning at the same time when they are not.

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