Spring Indiana Catfishing

What the Monroe Lake Has In Store for You

If you have never been catfish fishing at the Monroe Lake in Indiana, you really should give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. It is the largest body of water to be found in Indiana and you can believe that you will catch some catfish here. If you do not know the area, then it is advised that you either purchase a fishing map or hire a guide. This will prevent you from wasting time riding the lake in search of the catfish and allow you more productive fishing time. The best places to find the catfish on the Monroe Lake is around the channels, drop-offs, banks and ledges. When you go Indiana catfishing you will also find them along the feeder creeks during the spring so make sure you check some of these locations out.

Any of the following techniques will produce some great results when catfishing at any of the above waters in Indiana. You can try drifting, trolling, casting, jigging or a combination of any of these with fantastic results. Provided your presentation is done correctly. Remember, most of the time you will need to move the bait around enough to attract the attention of the catfish. However, you do not want to move it so fast that the fish becomes annoyed and starts avoiding you altogether. Practice moving the lures around at different speeds and in different directions to learn what will produce the best results. If one technique does not seem to be working, then don’t hesitate to switch to another.

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