Tennessee Catfish Fishing

Region III Tennessee catfish fishing in the Cumberland Plateau boasts the Watts Bar Reservoir, which is an enormous 39,000 acres, and the Chickamauga Reservoir, which covers an additional 36,000 acres. In Watts Bar, you’ll find yourself buried in flatheads and blues, which are numerous and large, causing you to wonder which one you’re going to keep as your daily trophy. Try fishing here at night for great results. At Chickamauga, you’re more likely to come across channel cats in the extensive grassbeds on the shoreline, especially near the dam.

In eastern Tennessee, catfish fishing continues to be excellent in Region IV and may actually have some of the best fishing in the state. Fort Loudoun on the Tennessee River is a 14,600-acre expanse with massive channel cats ranging up to 30 pounds, extreme flatheads as large as 40 and 50 pounds, and unbelievable blues up to and over 60 pounds. These monsters are caught here on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Loudoun is catch and release only, but you can still take great photos. For keepers, fish Cherokee and Douglas Reservoirs, with both channels and blues available with no consumption advisories currently. At Cherokee, aim for the steam plant at the upper end of the lake for the best catch of edible size. At Douglas, fish the weed-lined channel drops and breaks to uncover the treasures here.

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