The size of a Flathead Catfish

How long can a flathead catfish get?

The Flathead Catfish, otherwise known as Mississippi Cat, Mud Cat, Shovelhead Cat, Yellow Cat or Opelousa Cat in various states across North America is a type of Catfish.

The reason it is called the Flathead Catfish is for no other reason than the fact that it has a flat head. Besides having a flat head this catfish looks like any other. The reason why the Flathead is called Yellow Cat in some states is because it is pale yellow in colouring on its back to a sandy brown on its sides.

While many species of Catfish can grow to differing lengths and huge ranges in weight, the Flathead Catfish is one of the larger in the Catfish family. The Flathead Catfish can reach sizes of between three and four feet in length (ninety to one hundred and twenty centimetres) and can reach weights in excess of one hundred pounds (forty five kilograms).

Unlike alot of other members in the Catfish family the Flathead Catfish is not a scavenger, it is a predatory fish that only attacks and eats live food. The Flatheads young will eats smaller live food like worms and insects until it reaches a more mature size of around thirty centimetres when it will start feeding on fish like carp and other catfish, including its own kind.

Flathead Catfish can be found in the Mississippi river, its tributaries and lakes that are fed by these rivers and can be found in the Gulf states that are situated in the south of North America.

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