The Top 3 Best Stinkbaits For Catfish Fishing

Whats the best stinkbait to use for Catfish Fishing?

There are three things that are often considered the best stinkbait for catching catfish. Of course, if you ask 100 seasoned catfish anglers, you’ll get 100 answers. But these are usually the top 3 you hear: Tuna – Catfish love this stinky fish, and you can usually catch more cats with tuna, even regular store-bought tuna, than with anything else. The only trouble is that it’s hard as heck to get onto a hook. There are a couple solutions. One is to pack it into doughballs, or to make rice balls with it. You need some way to make it all stick together. Another way to put tuna on your line is to use a ringer loop. These are loops especially designed for sticky, goopy stuff that doesn’t usually stay on a hook. Cheese – This is not a natural food for catfish, but then again, they’ll eat anything at all. Cheese is great for catching catfish, especially fancy European cheeses that are smelly or moldy. Some anglers have luck with putting little pieces of cheese stick or hunks of cheese on their hooks, or you can use one of the methods mentioned above, and roll cheese into doughballs, rice balls or use a looper ring. Hot Dogs – Catfish love regular store-bought hot dogs, and they’re not too tough to put on your hook. Catfish aren’t gourmets, so go with the cheapest brand at the store. These are the best, but anything at all that is stinky will work as stink bait. Raid the kitchen and see what else you can find!

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

One Response to “The Top 3 Best Stinkbaits For Catfish Fishing”

  1. Larry Davison says:

    Have you ever tried taking Tuna and cutting up weinners and putting them in a jar? Letting them set for a day or two and then putting them on a trible hook?

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