The Best Catfish Tournaments In The USA

North Carolina Catfish Association Tournament Series

For anglers who live on the east coast, there is the North Carolina Catfish Association Tournament Series, held in some of the States’ best fishing waters back east. NCCATS has lots of small cash prizes, so you stand a pretty good chance of winning some money at this tournament, unlike the big tournaments where there’s just one hunk of cash everybody’s trying to win. This is a tournament that has been going on for many years, and in North Carolina it is something of an old tradition. The official NCCATS tournament has been held just since 2004. You can find out more information about NCCATS at their site at, along with lots of other information about North Carolina catfish fishing.


Duracats has lots of different catfish fishing tournaments throughout the year, instead of just one that goes all year long. These are daily events or weekly events, such as the “Shiver On The River” held in February, where catfish anglers can show off their cold weather catfishing skills. These are “open tournaments” that anybody can join, and they also have a regular year-long tournament as well. Duracats tournaments are all held in the midwest in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and other areas where there’s always good big river catfish fishing. Check out the Duracats website at for more details.

We know you don’t need to bring home a big trophy or cash prize to prove that you know your way around a fishing pole. But, catfish tournaments are more than just competitions. Attending a catfish tournament is a great way to mix with other good catfish anglers, learn a few techniques, and just have a good time. And who knows, you might win something, too.

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