Three Catfish Lures

Spoons can also be used with other bait types such as the above mentioned stinky and worm baits.  They can also be used with soap.  Soap is very good for bait for catfish in some areas as they leave a scent trail for the catfish as well.

It is important to use a soap that does not have any of the floral or fragrant additives.  Lye soap that is unscented works very well.  The smell of this soap can attract some really large catfish.  If lye soap is hard for you to come by, plain Ivory soap can work just as well.  All you need to do is put it on your hook and you are ready to go cat fishing.

Jigs – Jigs are another lure that have many different designs and colors while maintaining a distinct use when fishing for catfish.  Some of them are very plain.  The just look like a small ball with painted on eyes.  These are typically weighted which makes them great when bottom fishing.  Bottom fishing is the best way to catch catfish.  They typically hang out at the bottom of the lakes and ponds.  Others can look exactly the same but they are going to have streamers hanging off of the bottom of the head.  These two are weighted for the same reason.  The usually come in very bright colors such as yellow so that they can also be seen at the bottom of the lakes and ponds where the water tends to be murky.  They also come in many different hook sizes so that they can be used for any size of catfish.

A good bait to use with jigs is minnows.  Minnow work well because they can be pulled behind the jig while trolling or slowly reeling in.  They leave the scent trail and the jigs attract the catfish by sight.  Some people think that the more elaborate detailing on the jig, the better chance at catching a catfish with it is going to be.  Others feel that a jig should just be a hook for the minnows or other baits that are going to be used with it.

The weight of the jig is all that is needed to force the bait closer to the bottom where the catfish can then get the scent.  Either way, a jig with a minnow is a great combination when it comes to landing catfish.

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