Three Oklahoma Catfishing Tips

Oklahoma is an excellent place to go catfishing. It’s mostly a warm-water state which provides the perfect environment for the catfish to grow and multiply. This species can be found in all types of waters such as lakes, rivers, streams and even ponds. The catfish has a very aggressive nature that makes fishing for them fun and exciting.

Once you hook a catfish you’re going to be in for a fight so be ready for it. Even the smaller ones can put up a struggle that you won’t soon forget. This is why it’s important to check out your gear before you leave to go fishing to make sure everything is in good shape. Your fishing hooks need to be sharp to penetrate the thick mouth of the catfish and the fishing line needs to be strong and in good shape. Otherwise, you may be talking about the catfish that got away instead of showing off your catch.

Some of the most well-known lakes found in Oklahoma where catfishing is excellent include the following:
* Lake Texoma
* El Reno Lake
* Broken Bow Reservoir
* Taft Lake
* Lake Murray
* Keystone Lake
* Fort Gibson Reservoir
* Canton Lake
* Hugo Lake
* Webber Falls Reservoir

If you’re not in an area where you can access any of these lakes, don’t worry. There are many other places throughout Oklahoma where the fishing is great so it should be easy to find somewhere near you.

Now that you know where to go fishing, the three Oklahoma catfishing tips below can help you reel in more fish once you get there:

1. Keep in mind that for the most part, catfish are bottom feeders. They won’t always be found on the bottom of the water but this is where they will be most of the time. Therefore, as a general rule, you’ll need to use a technique that gets the bait down near the water where they’re located such as drift fishing or jigging.
2. Choose bait that best suits the type of catfish you’re seeking out and this will increase the number of bites you get. For example, channel catfish are attracted to crawfish and other small fish. Flatheads favor shiners and chubs while blue catfish feed on crayfish, mollusks and frogs. Of course, most all catfish will be attracted to any type of bait with an odor but sometimes, it’s more productive to use something they’re naturally attracted to.
3. Carry a well-stocked tackle box with you when fishing for catfish. You never know when you’ll need to replace your fishing line and losing hooks, sinkers and other tackle happens a lot. You wouldn’t want to have to call it a night and go home early because your fishing line broke and you didn’t have any to replace it. Some anglers even carry an extra fishing rod and reel because the catfish have been known to snap a few of these into from time to time.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the catfish. They may seem like a lazy species that waits for food to come to them. Nevertheless, when hungry, they don’t have a problem chasing and catching fast moving bait as many bass fishermen will attest to.

The catfish will normally be the most aggressive at night so this is usually the best time to go fishing. When night fishing, you often have to deal with mosquitoes biting so be prepared for this by taking along some bug spray. You’ll also need lanterns and flashlights to help keep you safe. Even though night fishing normally gets the best results, you can still catch catfish during the day if you fish in the right spots and avoid areas where the direct sunlight shines in the water.

Catfishing will be different during the different seasons in Oklahoma so, it’s a good idea to learn all you can about the type of catfish you’re seeking out and how they respond in different situations. You can talk to others in the area to get some tips on when and where the best time to fish will be but one of the best ways to learn the area is by going out and fishing every chance you get.

Be sure and go fishing during different weather conditions and experiment with a variety of methods and baits until you find what works the best. Make note of the things you discover and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what will work the best the next time you go fishing. This is how you become an experienced angler and increase the number of bites you get on each fishing trip.

Oklahoma catfishing is a fun and exciting way to enjoy your free time. It’s something that the whole family can do together or something you can do with your friends. Either way, there is nothing quite like the feeling you’ll get when out on the water reeling in the catfish.

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