Three Secrets for Kentucky Catfishing

All of these types of bait are inexpensive and it is recommended, and the reason for this secret, to bring them all.  You can use three or four rods with different baits so you can get an idea of what the cats want to eat on the particular day.

3.      In late summer when the spawning season is over, you can still get some nice cats by drift fishing.  You can use this method on either lakes or rivers.  Even the bigger lakes and rivers that were populated with anglers during the spawn will still offer up some gems in late summer when all the other anglers have moved on to other fish types.

You only need a boat and some wind to get the best drift fishing for catfish in Kentucky.  Some will prefer to use a trolling motor to keep them in the area of the lake that they prefer to fish in.  Other than that, the basic fishing equipment is all that is needed for successful drift fishing.

You do want to bring more than one line and a variety of baits as suggested above.  Even though spawning is over and the fish are a bit more lethargic, they will be as finicky as they are during the spawn.  You will need to bring the bait to them instead of enticing them to your bait.

This is the biggest difference in drift catfishing and fishing for cats during the peak of their season.  You will also need to bring a boat load of patience.  But it will be rewarded when you are pulling in some big catfish from the lakes and rivers you are fishing on.

The catfishing in Kentucky is a great way to spend the day and have some fun angling.  All you need to know is these three secrets to have some success at it.  During the peak season, go to the smaller lakes where there is not as much competition.  Use multiple rods and bait types so that you will offer a diversity of baits.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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