Three tactics for Mississippi catfishing

Mississippi catfishing has a lot to offer anglers of all ages and skill levels. Anyone can catch catfish as long as you have a heavy duty rod and reel set and lots of patience. The catfish are plentiful in Mississippi and there are several different types of them found in these waters such as, the flathead, white, channel and blue cat.

It’s important to have the right gear because some types of catfish can grow to amazing sizes that are difficult to handle but even the smaller catfish can be a challenge. Therefore, you must be prepared for a fight and have gear strong enough to handle the weight and the struggle they’ll put up once you get them hooked.

Sharp hooks is a necessity when catfishing because the mouth on this species is very tough and hard to penetrate. Dull or worn out hooks won’t get the job done. The fishing line must be strong enough to handle this species as well. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment but investing in good quality gear will pay off in the end.

Catfish Fishing Tactics

When Mississippi catfishing, it’s a good idea to use different tactics based on when and where you’re fishing. Like all species, the weather pattern, time of day and water temperature will determine how the catfish respond to your bait.

Adjusting your methods to match the circumstances will greatly increase the number of bites you get.

You’ll also need to use different tactics based on the type of catfish you’re seeking because they all behave differently. The channel catfish will respond better to certain tactics that may not get the attention of the flathead and so forth. Learning all you can about the different types of catfish will help you determine which tactics will work the best and when to use them. Still, there are a few things that you can try anytime you fish and these will help to make your catfishing trip more productive.

Three tactics for Mississippi catfishing that can be used anytime and with any type of catfish are listed below:

1. The catfish is a bottom feeder but that doesn’t mean the only place you can find them is on the bottom of the water. Sometimes, they will be suspended a couple of feet above the bottom and you’ll get excellent results when you fish around rocks, sandbars, bridges, docks, submerged trees and brush piles because the catfish will move into these areas to feed. The mouth of inlets where the water flows at a steady pace is also an excellent place to fish. Concentrate your efforts in these areas and you’re sure to get results.

2. Give jug fishing a try. This tactic is cheap, fun and very productive. If you’ve never been jug fishing before, it’s something that you should try at least once. Who knows, you may like it so much that you add this method to your list of best Mississippi catfishing tactics.

3. The best time to go Mississippi catfishing is after dusk until around midnight. They get more active after the sun goes down so normally, you’ll get more bites. If you only fish during the day then try going out early morning and when it’s cloudy and cool for the best results.

Some of the largest catfish caught and recorded were reeled out of one of the lakes and rivers located throughout Mississippi. That gives you an idea of just how great the catfishing is in this state. The conditions are excellent for the catfish to grow and multiply making it one of the best places in the nation to fish.

Mississippi Catfishing Information

It really doesn’t matter where you are in Mississippi because there will be somewhere you can fish for catfish and be productive. Some of the most well-known places include the Mississippi River, Grenada Reservoir, Pickwick Lake, Ross R Barnett Reservoir, Lake Tom Bailey and Okatibbee Lake. Not only will you find many lakes and rivers located throughout Mississippi but there are also numerous streams and ponds scattered about that is the home to the mighty catfish.

The catfish uses its strong sense of smell to find food. For this reason, using any type of bait that has a strong odor will yield results because they’ll be attracted by the smell and drawn in your direction. It also makes it easy to find something that will attract the catfish. Stink baits, scent bait and homemade baits are very popular among catfish anglers. Most homemade baits are made from some type of cheese that really gets the attention of this species. Shrimp, chicken livers, worms, shad and minnows will also get results.

The three tactics for Mississippi catfishing above can help make all of your fishing adventures more productive. With so many places to fish for this species, you’re sure to have a great time reeling in those Mississippi catfish.

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