Three techniques for catching Missouri river catfish

The best time to go fishing for this species is late in the evening around dusk, overnight and in the early morning hours around dawn. This is when they are the most active and the easiest to catch.

Catfish Fishing Tips

Since night fishing is the best time to seek out the catfish on the Missouri River it’s important for you to take precautions to be safe. Traveling the river at night can be dangerous especially if you don’t know the area very well. It’s recommended that you go fishing with friends and always stay alert. Make sure you have extra batteries for the flashlight, a form of communication and follow all safety rules. It’s also a good idea to let someone know where you plan to fish and when you plan to leave so there will be someone onshore who knows when you’re suppose to be returning.

When fishing the Missouri River, the channel catfish can be caught from the early spring until late fall but they are hard to catch when the temperature is extremely cold. The flathead catfish is the second largest catfish found in these waters and they can be found in and around large structures. The best time to fish for the flathead is at night. The blue catfish is abundant in the Missouri River and they are one of the most sought after. Search for them around hollowed logs and other structures.

Some of the more aggressive catfish have actually been caught on fast moving lures so don’t underestimate this species even though they have a reputation of being a lazy fish that waits for the food to come to them. It really depends on the species of catfish you’re seeking out and the time you’re fishing. Still, you’ll usually get the best results with strong smelling baits when fishing the Missouri River.

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