Three Tips on Catfish Farming

3.      Know What You Need After Harvest – Once you have harvested the catfish, how are you going to deliver them to the market?  When you speak to those who are going to purchase your catfish, you need to know how they want to receive the catfish.  Some may want them live and others are going to want them fully dressed out and ready to sell.  The equipment you need to purchase before harvest is going to be determined by how the purchasers want to receive the catfish.

If they want the fish live, you are going to need to have live wells that are large enough to haul the fish.  When you take into account that you are going to be stocking fifteen hundred fingerlings per acre, and those fingerlings are going to grow to two thousand pounds of full grown fish, then you are going to need some very large tanks to haul them in.  These tanks need to be transported as well.  Typically this is done by a flat bed trailer so make sure you know the costs of this as well and figure it into your budget when deciding if this is going to be a viable operation for you.

Others are going to want you to bring them fully dressed fish.  This means gutting, removing the heads and skin from the fish.  If they want them fresh, you need to have refrigeration when transporting.  If they are wanted frozen, then you are going to need to pack them in ice and freeze them.  These costs also need to be figured into the budget.

Are you going to hire people to dress them out or is your family going to pitch in to do it?  How much are you going to pay if you do hire someone?  Once all of these numbers have been crunched as well as the above, you can decide if a catfish farm is going to make you money or not.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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