Three Tips on Flathead Catfishing

Live bluegills or sunfish, even bullheads make great live bait.  If the live fish are too big to use for bait, the heads can be cut off.  The main thing is that the bait needs to be fresh.  Cut the head off of the bait just before you put it on the hook.  Keep the rest of the fish in the live bait tank until it is needed.

This live or fresh bait is going to create a scent trail that attracts the flatheads.  They will follow the scent and you are going to be able to land them easily.  Catfish of all types are going to need scent trails, you job is to create one that attracts them and gets them to take your bait.  You can do this with live or fresh bait when fishing for the flathead catfish.

3.      Use Line That is Made for Big Fish
This may seem obvious, but many people feel that as long as they have a metal leader on the line that the fish is not going to be able to bite through or break it.  This is true.  These big cats can not typically bite through or break a strong metal leader, as long as it is strong enough as well.  This is not going to secure the rest of the line from snapping when the fish has taken the bait.

If the test is not strong enough, it can snap easily and then your hook, leader line and bait are going to be gone, along with your huge flathead catfish.  This is why you need to use a test that is going to hold up under the weight.  It also needs to hold up when the fish fight which these large cats can put up when hooked.  If you want to be able to reel these fish in, bring the proper tools to do it.

If you follow the previous tips for catching flathead catfish, you are going to have more success than you have had previously.  While these tips are widely touted by the older more seasoned flathead fishermen, those who are new to the sport are not going to be as educated.  Follow the lead of those who have more experience and make every single one of your flathead catfishing trips successful ones!

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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