Three tips to catch a huge catfish

There are some very large catfish out there. Do you want to be able to catch them? These are three tips that I have to share with you to make it happen. Catfish are great looking and they are tasty so the bigger ones are certainly worth going after!

Bait Selection

Once catfish get to a certain size they are more predatory hunters than when they are small. The smaller ones are bottom feeders and they will consume just about anything. A common misconception is that all catfish fall into this category. If you want to get the larger ones though you have to change what types of bait you are using. Otherwise there is just no way you will get them to respond.

Both cut back bait and live bait work for the larger catfish. I prefer to use live bait though such as the Bluegill. You will want to set the fishing line in a special way to be able to encourage them to get your bait. The last thing you want is their bite and run tactics to allow them to continually evade you.

Depending on the size of the live Bluegill you have, use from a #2 to a #4 hook. Make sure you have a very short leader – no more than 3 or 4 inches in length. You want to put one hook into the lip of the Bluegill and one hook into the tail. This is going to increase your chances of the monster catfish to get the Bluegill and to stay on the hook. You can increase your chances though because even if they only get one portion of the bait you should have a good chance of the catfish staying on your hook.

Tackle Selection

You don’t need to use 20 or 30 pound line and large tackle to get the larger catfish. You want to be discreet and in order to do so you need to use 10 pound line. If you set the drag on your reel correctly a 10 pound fishing line is going to be sufficient for you to get those large catfish coming in. Set your drag so that the fish is able to run once it takes your bait.

Then you can slowly increase the drag on it. You want to allow the catfish to fight. This is going to cause it to tire out and then you can just continue to increase the drag. Allow it to get tight and you will have an easier time reeling the catfish in.

At the same time you won’t have to worry about breaking your 10 pound test. You can also put more 10 pound test on a reel than you can with 20 pound. This means your fish has the chance to run a longer distance to tire itself out.

Beings the most promising time for catfish is at night, it is advised to have some type of glow in the dark tip on the pole you will use for cat fishing. A bell can work well too. Sometimes even the largest catfish will only give small nibbles before it will commit to taking the bait.

If you don’t have a pole with a glow in the dark tip there are various lights and glow in the dark markers that are designed to clip onto the end of fishing poles. They are extremely handy. A fishing light is also recommended due to the fact that the light in the water is going to attract the smaller fish. Then the larger ones will be enticed to follow them.

When and Where to Fish

Catfish tend to feed in the late night and early morning hours. Night fishing is the best time to go fishing for them. Catfish tend to feed heavy during the times of approximately 10 pm to 4 am in the summer and warmer months. During these hours the smaller fish will come closer to the bank so that they can feed. This is where you want to cast your bait. Try not to cast out further than 20 to 30 feet at first. As always when fishing you have to be patience. It is it the key to getting your large catfish.

Just because catfish feed heavier during the night hours doesn’t mean you may not have some lulls. There can be several hours when nothing is going on. They may feed heavy and then nothing at all. You can’t predict what their habits will be as it can change from one day to the next.

What you do know is that eventually at some point during the night they are going to feed heavy. By being prepared you will be able to take advantage of that time when it occurs. Try these different techniques and before you know it you will be catching more catfish than before.

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