Utah Catfish Fishing

Channel catfish are the larger of the two types of catfish found in Utah and are most commonly found in Utah Lake. These cats make Utah catfish fishing excellent between April and November. Channel catfish are fans of many types of food, including plant matter and large invertebrates, though adult cats are mostly fish eaters. Channel catfish are distinguished by a long anal fin and deeply forked tail that other species don’t have.

You’ll find channel catfish in abundance in several areas of Utah, including Echo Reservoir, Green River, Lake Powell, Sevier River System, Willard Bay, the Colorado River, Cutler Reservoir, Hyrum Reservoir, and many more. Keep in mind that, statewide, a daily limit on your catch of channel cats is only eight, so don’t be too aggressive in your pursuit. Channel cats prefer worms, shrimp, dead minnows, chicken livers, and stinkbaits as the bait of choice, and they grow to be quite large, putting up a fight.

While you are limited in the species you can look for in Utah, catfish fishing is an incredibly popular and productive sport within the state. As times change and more fish migrate to warmer waters, Utah may see a jump in the number of catfish species to which they can be called home.

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