What are some good home catfish baits?

What are some good home catfish baits?

Some good home catfish baits are chicken livers, ivory soap or fish heads. If you are looking for a catfish bait that is going to attract the fish, you can make something free or spend a few dollars and make a mixture. You can make a chicken liver concoction using garlic and chicken livers. If you have some chicken blood from the butcher, better yet. You can easily make a bait that will attract the catfish as soon as you cast. If you want to save money, you can use fish heads. If you dock near a fish cleaning station, just ask the anglers for the fish heads before they dispose of them. Otherwise, visit the local fish shop and ask for the fish heads and guts that are disposed of in the status=”” onresize=”[object]” onmessage=”[object]” parent=”[object]” onhashchange=”[object]” defaultStatus=”” name=”” history=”[object]” maxConnectionsPerServer=2 opener=”[undefined]” location=”[object]” screenLeft=2 document=”[object]” onbeforeprint=”[object]” screenTop=153 clientInformation=”[object]” onerror=”[object]” onfocus=”[object]” event=”[object]” onload=”[object]” onblur=”[object]” window=”[object]” closed=false screen=”[object]” onscroll=”[object]” length=2 frameElement=”[object]” self=”[object]” onunload=”[object]” onafterprint=”[object]” navigator=”[object]” frames=”[object]” sessionStorage=”[object]” top=”[object]” clipboardData=”[object]” external=”[object]” onhelp=”[object]” offscreenBuffering=”auto” localStorage=”[object]” onbeforeunload=”[object]” showModalDialog=”[function]” showModelessDialog=”[function]” oDCfauxCSS=”[object]” iMinWordCount=”250″ iWordCount=304 bSkipExport=false o=”[object]” oSpinners=”[object]” oSpinnersTime=”[object]” oW3c=”[object]” oDebug=”[object]” oErrors=”[object]” oRequests=”[object]” oXMLsubjects=”[object]” oSearchPanel=”[object]” oSearchForm=”[object]” oSearchTableDIV=”[object]” oSearchFor=”[object]” oSearchSubject=”[object]” oSearchType=”[object]” oExcluding=”[object]” oSearchAnswerField=”[object]” oSearchQuestionField=”[object]” oAccountSummery=”[object]” oASQuser_name=”[object]” oASQuser_total_answered=”[object]” oASQuser_answers_paid=”[object]” oASQuser_earning_answer=”[object]” oASQtotal_due=”[object]” oBrowsePosition=”[object]” oWYSIWYGquestion=”[object]” oQuestionTitle=”[object]” oDCrich_QuestionTextDisplay00=”[object]” oQuestionTextDisplay=”[object]” oWYSIWYGeditor=”[object]” oEditorPosition=”[object]” oDCrich_textEditor11=”[object]” oTextEditor=”[object]” oWYSIWYGform=”[object]” oWYSIWYGcommand=”[object]” oSave=”[object]” oCancel=”[object]” oCheckout=”[object]” oDelete=”[object]” oEdit_id=”[object]” oEdit_content=”[object]” oQUERYricheditLoad=”select * from question where question_id=’9377′” oJSONricheditLoad=”[object]” oXMLricheditLoad=”[object]” szQuery_Lock=”” bAlreadyAnswered=false oSpy=”[object]”ster. If you use a fish head or even fish guts, you might want to soak them in garlic for a few weeks, but this is not necessary, as they will attract the scavenger catfish. Since the catfish is prone to following the scent of something stinky or dead, fish heads and fish guts work very well. The catfish will smell the stink from far away and search out your bait. This is when you have a fight on your hands, but it is worth it especially if you have landed a big one. Just use something around the house or visit the local butcher or fish mart and you will be all set to going fishing for the catfish.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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  1. jacob says:

    what kind of tackle do i need if im fishing with doughbait or punch bait

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