What baits and gear to try when catfishing in NC

North Carolina is a beautiful state with many excellent ways to spend your free time from visiting the gorgeous mountains to the sandy beaches. Fishing is right there at the top of the list when it comes to great ways to spend your free time. In fact, it’s one of the most popular sports found in NC and the catfish is one of the most sought out game fish in the area.

There are many lakes, rivers and other bodies of water located throughout the state where you can enjoy the fresh air and amazing scenery while reeling in the catfish. Some areas will have more than one type of catfish making the fishing trip even more exciting.

Anyone can go catfish fishing but when you know a little about the catfish and what things get their attention the most, you can be more productive. This type of information will help you determine when the best time to go fishing would be and where to look for the catfish. Below are a few tips on what bait and gear to try when catfishing in NC. Using these tips can help to make your fishing adventures more fun and productive.

The Best Baits to Use When Catfishing in NC

The catfish is well-known for their strong sense of smell and for eating just about anything they can fit into their mouth. For the most part, this is true and that’s why many anglers opt to use stink baits and cut baits. Nevertheless, these baits are not always a practical choice and this is when you’ll need to choose something else to attract the catfish.

When catfishing in NC some of the best bait to use include shad, chicken livers, worms, brim, shiners and dough bait. These can be used most anytime and just about anywhere you go fishing in North Caroline. They always seem to get results even when the catfish are being picky and this is why they’re so popular.

Another good thing about these baits is the fact that can be used by most anyone whether they’re experienced or not.The catfish is attracted by all types of foods and many experienced anglers have their own secret recipe they believe to be the best bait to use. Some will even tell you their bait always gets results and in many cases they do. That’s the beauty of making your own catfish bait. You can tailor it to attract the catfish in your particular area.

Tips for Choosing the Best Gear

When it comes to catfishing gear, most every angler has their own opinion as to what will work the best and when. This is because everyone is different and they have their own style of fishing. Nevertheless, if you’re fairly new to catfish fishing in NC and would like to try different things, the following gear has proven to be very effective when fishing for this species.

When catfishing in NC try a medium to heavy action catfishing rod combined with an open-faced spinner reel or a baitcasting reel. The reel you choose will depend on your experience level. The baitcasting reel is more complicated to use. For this reason, they’re used mainly by experienced anglers but anyone can learn how to use them with practice. Add twenty to fifty pound test line and 1/0 through 4/0 long-shank hooks and you have an excellent set-up that will get results.

Using a two or three leader drop system with a one to four ounce lead weight will also improve the odds of reeling in more catfish. When choosing the weight size, consider how rough the water is. The heavier weights should be used in rough water and the lighter ones in calm water.

More NC Catfishing Information

There are many techniques that can be used when fishing for catfish in NC but some of your best options are jigging, casting and drift-fishing. These methods seem to yield the best results and they can be done from the shoreline or from a boat, whichever you prefer. They make it easy to get the bait in the area where the catfish are the most plentiful.

The best time to go fishing for catfish is between dusk and dawn and you can go fishing for this species most anytime of the year in NC. Of course, the weather can get rough during the winter so use caution when going out in the cold. Never go out on water that is partially frozen, it’s too dangerous.

Some of the most well-known places to go catfish fishing in NC include High Rock Lake, Badin Lake, Lake Waccamaw, Yadkin River, Roanoke Rapids Lake, Falls Lake and Phelps Lake. Lake Norman was the home of the state record for the blue catfish and the channel cat was caught in Fontana Reservoir. There are many other places where the catfishing is great and where you can have a wonderful time reeling in the catfish.

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