What baits to use for catfish fishing?

what baits to use for catfish

The best bait that works for one angler might not work for another. This holds true for the bait used in different locations. The catfish are not fussy eaters and will take just about anything if it smells and does not move much. The night feeders will eat fish heads, chicken livers or some have been caught with night crawlers. The thing to remember is that when in the water and no anglers are feeding, the cats go after the baitfish in the water supply or they eat the dead fish off the bottom of the water. From everything I have learned and know about catfish are they eat anything. I still prefer stink bait because it always works. The last world record cat was caught with a fish head. You do not have to pay anything for the fish head and it seems to be a good bait. Of course, you have to have a strong hook if you are going after the big guys. It is possible to use what you have leftover from other fish. If you catch other species and cut the heads off, use that to bait the catfish. You can also go to the local fish mark and ask for the fish heads and guts that they just throw out anyways. Catfish bait is probably one of the easiest baits to think of. If you use a stink bait or a fish head, you are going to have some good fishing and maybe catch the trophy cat.

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  1. Hank says:

    If you want BIG cats use bluegill for bait,make sure its legal in your area first.Live or dead bluegill will attract Flatheads, but they prefer live bait, they can detect a struggling bait fish in the water.Flatheads will eat other baits too.

    If going for channel cats I would see what bait fish are dominate in the waters you fish.I would try those first, shad are popular in most areas and can be caught with a cast net.

    In early spring, right after the ice out, use rotten bits of fish as bait.You could also spend a night fishing by a boat ramp , just ask the guys coming back in what the hot bait of the week is working.

    There should be a fishing report(s) for your area on the web, many local bait shops also post reports.The new reports for my area come out on Thursday , but remember the reports will be for the previous week.

  2. canyon says:

    these are the kinds of catfish baits. i use a flying grasshopper it was a big one i cought channel catfish of it and a few bass. i also use chicken liver its good to i cought all kinds of catfish with that. but crawldads i get good luck with that. i had never use shad but i here its realy good and chubs. the stink bait its good i here but i seem to never get nothing with it it keeps getting taken but ya try this out it might help you as much as it helps me

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