What catfish supplies should I have?

What catfish supplies should I have?

Your supplies for catfishing should be a heavy action rod and reel, bait, strong stainless steel hooks, seven to twenty pound test line and a large enough net. You should have a hook sharpener, pliers and a line cutter. May sure that you keep some extra leads made up in case that you have to cut the line. If you have these items for supplies, you will be all set to fish. Some anglers may want to have some different hooks such as single, double and triple hooks. If you use a double hook, you have a good chance that one or both are going to embed in the mouth of the cat. If you look around the sporting goods store, you will see so much that you can buy. However, if you need to minimize your spending, you can buy the basics and even make your own bait. You can visit the local fish house and ask for their throw away fish parts. You can buy a fish bait pouch or make your own out of nylons from the girlfriend or wife. These nylons are strong when it comes to holding bait on a hook. Catfishing is a great sport and the meat is tasty. You can catch a big enough fish that could provide numerous meals. You can filet the catfish or some anglers have it smoked. I know of some good recipes for making the fish and making some smoked fish dips. Good luck on your adventures in catfishing.

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3 Responses to “What catfish supplies should I have?”

  1. Hank says:

    I use 30# braided line and that can still be to light for a large Flat Head,if you use split shot sinkers and dont put them on to tight,you can pull them loose from a snag.Use a heavy duty long stringer,a big fish can fray a small one.Have two small flash lights, a hand held one can be put in your shirt pocket and held in teeth if you need it quickly, also a head lamp, LED’s are great.

  2. Hayden says:

    I have used 80 lb brand new braided line and it broke fightin a monster blue cat

  3. Hayden says:

    so i use nothin less than 100lb. line now

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