What is a catfish stunner, and what is its purpose?

What is a catfish stunner, and what is it’s purpose?

Another question about the shocker or stunner for catfish fishing. The catfish stunner shocks the water and makes the catfish come to the top of water so you can catch them. I cannot stress this enough, it is not the way to fish for any fish. Fishing is not about sticking a battery in the water and shocking the underwater environment to make the fish come topside. This is not allowed to be done in most lake and rivers around the states. It is a poor way to fish. The stunner method not only shocks the catfish, it can harm other fish life as well. I cannot endorse this way of fishing and I have never seen it used. I have heard stories, but I do not know how effective the shocker or stunner method is as for getting the fish to the top of the water. Is it possible to do? More than likely yes, but if you get caught with the devices in a boat while on a lake or river that prohibits this method, you could lose your fishing license and receive a fine. The way professional and sport angler’s fish is with a rod, reel and bait. That is the only way to catch a fish. The stunner shocks the water and causes the fish to come to the top. It is very possible that the fish come topside to try to get out of the water. It is a form of neglect to the environment and the fish.

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