What is some good bait for pay lakes?

what are some good baits for paylakes? thanks

Many pay lakes prohibit some bait you could use. For instance, a lake in Cincinnati does not allow shad, but you can use bream. If you have a pay lake that you want to fish, you have to ask what they allow and do not allow. Every lake is different. Some prohibit chumming while some prohibit stink bait. Some even have bait that you have to use and buy from them. If you are going to a pay lake, it is best to find out what they suggest. If they allow live bait, you should fine out what they allow. The problem with a pay lake is that you have to abide by the rules and are limited to the bait that they allow for catfishing. Some lakes will have no restrictions on what you can use, but do limit the time that you can fish. You can find a pay lake that you want to fish and call for more information. Without knowing the specific pay lake you are talking about, it is hard to tell you what to use or not use. If you want to do some exciting catfishing, you can visit a pay lake or try a lake that you can fish the way you want. This is just as exciting and you can move around more and use bait that you want. As with any water, find out first what you can and cannot do. This will save you from getting caught doing something that is prohibited on that specific water. Even non paying lakes have some restrictions.

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