What is the bait preference for a Carolina Rig?

Is there a bait preference for a Carolina Rig?

A Carolina Rig is a very efficient style of rig that is great for bass fishing especially.  It is not difficult to use, nor is it difficult to set up, but many find it to be intimidating simply because they do not have a working knowledge of what it can offer.  There are many things that play a role in the use of this type of rig including the type of reel that is used, the rod choice, the weight options, the line selection, and whether or not to use beads, just to name a few of your concerns.  Yet, perhaps something that many need more clarification on is the bait preference for the Carolina rig.


The bait preference is an important consideration for the angler using this rig.  Color should be one of the first things that you think about here.  If the water is darker, go with darker colors here.  Lighter colors work well in lighter, cleaner waters.  As for the shape and the size of the bait, that is flexible and up to you, as people have a variety of different opinions there.  Choose the type of bait that you are most comfortable with, especially if you have had some luck with it and the bass that you are after. 


For personal opinion, consider the Senkos plastics for use on your Carolina rig. Still, it is important for you to choose the type of bait that works for your particular skill and what you are comfortable using.

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