What is the biggest catfish caught in the Brazos River?

What is the biggest catfish ever caught in the Brazos River?

I searched and found these records for flathead, channel and blue catfish caught in the Brazos River throughout the years. If there are other records, I have not found any or they were never reported and posted on the Internet or to the fish and game. Channel catfish is 15.53 pounds and was 30.5 inches long. Ashley Green caught it in 1991. Obie Milner caught blue catfish in 1997. It weighed 34.5 pounds and was 40 inches long. Richard Parrett caught a 58.10-pound flathead catfish that was 47.64 inches long in 2002. Since the newest record is 2002 and the oldest is 1991, it is very possible that these records are outdated, but that may not be the case as well. Sometimes anglers catch a trophy catfish and never report it. The records for any river or lake are only as good as they are if everyone would record and report trophy catches. I do know that out of the Rio Grande, a 121 pound catfish was caught, but again, this is only a partial recognition. The only way to find accurate records is if people do report them and they are certified by the committee before being recorded. Even so, these records are a good indication that there are some nice size catfish in the river. Where on the river is not known, but you could check with local bait shops or even a sporting good store to see if they have any information as well to help you out.

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