What is the world record channel catfish and the details?

What is the world record channel catfish, and all the details?

The world record channel catfish was caught in 1964 in South Carolina in Lake Marion in the Santee Cooper Reservoir. It weighed in a t fifty-eight pounds. There are not very many details to be found about this particular fish, but the record is set at fifty-eight pounds. Other fish that have come close was a forty-five pound and a thirty-one pound channel catfish. Fifty-eight pounds is rare for a channel catfish because they normally only weigh in at much less than that. There is no mention of length, but the thirty-one pound channel catfish was forty and a half inches. That fish was caught in 1980 by Henry Stephens in Lahontan Reservoir, Nevada. It is said that the channel catfish usually only lives about fourteen years, but some studies have discovered that some channels can live as long as twenty years. In Florida, the record catch for a channel fish was forty-four and half pounds out of Lake Bluff back in 1985. There are some fish that come close to the world record, but so far, no other fish that has been reported has topped the fifty-eight pound world record channel fish. There is a record for every state, but many are forty pounds and under with some being recorded as only about ten pounds. Catching the big ones seems to be the luck of the draw that does not happen very often. Even the ten pounders are tasty when you do them up for dinner. They are a very tasty fish.

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