What was the biggest and the name of the catfish ever caught?

what was the biggest and the name of the catfish ever caught?

The biggest catfish every caught and recorded was a Mekong catfish in the freshwater of Thailand. The fish weighted in at 646 pounds and was just under nine feet long. It was caught in the Mekong River with a net. This catfish species shares the title with a relative catfish known as the dog-eating catfish. The blue catfish record fish was 124 pounds and forty-four inches long. This fish was caught in the Illinois part of the Mississippi River. The second runner up is a 121.6 pound blue catfish caught in Texahoma and was fifty-eight inches long. The Illinois blue cat was caught and in transport to Cabellas when it die. The fish was to be displayed for everyone to see. They figured that the long trip from Illinois to Kansas City was just to much strain on the fish and it died. The record flathead is 123.9 pounds and was caught in Elk City Reservoir. There was no length recorded, but the picture looks well over three feet. The bullhead catfish on record is 8 pounds 15 ounces and the Yellow Bullhead catfish was 4 pounds 8.1 ounces caught in Mormon Lake in Arizona. The White catfish weighted in at 21 pounds 8 ounces. Spain has another record setter European wells catfish weighted in at 226 pounds and the previous record was 224 pounds. It was said that the person that landed this fish almost drowned trying to bring the big fish in. It took thirty-five minutes before he was able to land it.

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