When catfish bed down to lay eggs, how long do they stop biting?

when catfish bed down to lay there eggs, how long do they stop biting?

Generally speaking, the male catfish will be scarce when guarding the nest, which he does for six to ten days and a few days for watching the fry. He does not leave the nest to feed. You can figure that males will be scarce for two weeks for sure. Female catfish are only used to lay eggs and the male kicks the female out when she is done. The females will bite after the spawn, but you will have to know where to find them. They lay low after the egg-laying period. If you look in areas around dead wood, rock structures, cavities that the fish can fit into and by dams, you could catch a female or two. You can wait out the spawning season, which occurs when the water temperatures are ideal. Flathead usually spawn when temperatures are sixty-six to seventy-five degrees, channel and blue catfish spawn when temperatures are seventy to eighty-four degrees. If you fish before or after the spawn, you should have no problems as long as you wait the two weeks from the time the spawn starts and ends. The time of year that the catfish spawn will depend on your location also. If the water is colder in Michigan, but warm in Arizona during April, you will find catfish spawning in April’s warm Arizona water, but not until later in May or even June to spawn. Just watch the temperature of the water and see how the fish move to determine when to resume catfish fishing.

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