When does the jug fishing technique work best?

When does the jug-fishing technique work best?

Jug fishing is a method of fishing in which floats are set up throughout an area that have lines attached to them moving towards the bottom of the lake.  Attached to the line are a number of hooks.  This method of fishing allows individuals to place their bait over a larger area therefore allowing more fish to be targeted.  This technique works well for those looking to catch their limit in fish, but you should be sure that your area allows for this method of fishing.


You can use jug fishing for just about any type of fish, but it does seem to work well for channel catfish and blue catfish the best.  With this method of vertical fishing, it helps to know that there are fish located at the spots that you are fishing.  Some will recommend the use of sonar equipment so that you know there are fish in your target location.  This is great, if you want to make the investment.


Another tip for using jug fishing is to know where the fish are by the location.  For example, look for the contour lines of the location.  This is a line that will run throughout the location and often serves as a super highway for fish.  Place your jug lines on it and you are sure to get the results you want.  Do keep in mind that it will take some practice to get used to this; especially where to fish, but jug fishing can be beneficial.

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