where did hillybilly hand fishing (noodling) come from?

where did hillybilly hand fishing (noodling) come from?

Noodling started in the USA in the South, Lousiana, Alabama, and Mississippi to be accurate. It is called by a variety of terms though out there. It seems that it has been used by those that knew it in the North. This is around Arkansas and Kentucky. In some areas you will here it called hogging, stumping, or grabbling. It all depends on which area you happen to be in. It all comes down to using your bare hands though in crevices to be able to get that fish you are after.You have to remember that fishing equipment has come a long way since noodling was first used in the USA. In Nigeria there is an annual fishing festival where the fish are still caught bared handed. It is a fun and exciting experience. I have done some research to see where noodling was first done but the information eludes me still.

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  1. fxzden says:

    You haven’t looked to hard it origination was that of native Americans

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