Who has the world record for a huge catfish? How did the person catch it?

Who has the world record for a huge catfish? And how did the person catch it?

The world record as appears to be a 147-pound catfish caught by Tim Pruitt. The catfish was caught on the Mississippi River in 2005. It was 44 inches around and 58 inches long. Before this, the record holder was 121-pound catfish. The catfish needed to be documented by a DNR officer and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources before it could be submitted to the International Game Fish Association for registering. Pruitt tried to keep the fish alive so it could be displayed but it died in transit to the Cabela Outfitter store. The catfish was old and heavy, which may have been why it could not make the trip. Pruitt used a seven to eight foot pole with thirty to forty pound test line. He also used a sixty to one hundred pound leader that is braided. For the history making catch, he used a California Slip Rig. He recommends using up to 250 yards of line. The bait is herring or shad. The usual bait is fish heads. Tim has also caught a 95 pound catfish that would have beat the state record, but released it because he did not have a live well at the time. This person has some good luck fishing for the huge catfish. He does practice good fishing ethics and will not keep a fish without the live well. He does enjoy fishing the Mississippi River in the middle because that is where all the big lurkers are located. He also said to have a fishing friend if fishing for catfish, at least for the big ones.

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