Why catfish barbs are dangerous

Many anglers get stuck through the hands when they go to grab the catfish and hold it study while working the hook loose. You can avoid this by paying close attention to what you’re doing. Catching a catfish can be very exciting but stay focused and pay attention to where you’re placing your hands and feet and stay away from the barbs. Use a pair of thick gloves and a hook remover to get the hook out of the mouth. The gloves help to protect your hands and the tool makes it faster and easier to get the hook out. This way, you won’t have to handle the fish for a long time.

If you do get stuck by the barbs of a catfish the wound needs to be monitored carefully. If it hurts for a little bit and then the pain subsides, then you should be fine and it will most likely heal on its own. However, if the area swells, turns red and becomes tender, then you may need to see a physician. This is not a wound that you want to let go without treatment due to the real possibility of infection.

If the wound gets infected or if you are stung by a poisonous catfish, it’s probably not going to get better until you get professional treatment. You can still use the first aid kit to treat the wound as soon as it happens but then you’ll need to wrap up your fishing trip and head to the doctor. The sooner you get treated, the sooner you’ll start healing so you can get back out on the water to do some more fishing.

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