Will using panty hose affect the use of chicken livers? Does it hinder the smell or taste?

Will using panty hose effect the use of chicken liver? does it hinder the smell or taste?

Using panty hose to hold your chicken livers on the hook will not affect your fishing at all. In fact, you will hold on to the bait longer and have a better chance of catching a fish. The smell is not affected because the panty hose are airy, as some women I know would say. The benefits of using panty hose outweigh any disadvantages, which I can’t think of any. Because you are using chicken livers, you want something that can hold them together while they are on the hook. Chicken can become loose in the water and eventually can fall of the hook. If you use a panty hose, you will keep the bait on the hook even if it falls apart. The cats are going to smell the bait because it will stink and smell of something dead. This is what your concern is when using chicken livers. The panty hose will just hold the bait and not the smell. If you have doubts, place your chicken liver in a panty hose pouch and see if you can smell it or not. You will definitely have no problem smelling it. Many anglers use the panty hose pouch to hold dough balls and other homemade baits. The only thing that I tell anglers is to ask before taking the girlfriends or the wife’s panty hose. That there could cause you the problem not the fish. Even the color of panty hose you use has not affect on the fish taking the bait.

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