Catfish Hoop Nets and Using Them

What are some good catfish hoop nets – and how do I use them?

There are actually two types of catfish hoop nets wire and fabric mesh. Wire ones are usually purchased and may be purchased online, from sporting goods catalogs, or in sporting goods stores, and mesh ones may be purchased in similar manners as well, but they are also often hand made and almost always handed down and repaired as needed to offer years of good use. Hoop traps are often used by commercial fishermen. One thing you need to know right off the bat is that use of hoops is highly regulated and even prohibited in some areas. Be absolutely sure you understand the regulations in place in whatever area you intend to fish, before you consider using a hoop net to catch any fish, or you could be facing a hefty fine. Now, for using a hoop net, you buy bait bags made of mesh to use dough or other types of bait in the hoop net. To understand how a hoop net works, you should know it is a tapered, circular tube or mesh netting which has a trap in a cone shape that allows fish in, but does not allow them out. In order to use it, when fishing in smaller places such as rivers and tributaries, You can bait the trap, tie it to something heavy, and just place it in a manner to allow the current to flow into the trap end of the rig. The fish swim in with the current, and can not get out.

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